Leading a Women’s Ministry in 2023 is unlike any experience before in history. Our culture is chaotic, today’s women are struggling, and leadership team members can feel discouraged and confused—especially regarding the lack of interest and attendance in programs designed specifically to provide support. If you or any team members need encouragement, focus, or fresh ideas, grab your set today. 

Meet Your Trainers - You're Going to LOVE These Women!

The set includes 15, direct-hit topics brought to you by godly, women’s ministry leaders who are in the trenches, making a difference.

Training Sessions Included in This Set Include:

Reach More: 12 Strategies to Bring Them In with Marnie Swedberg
Leading with Courage with Joan E. Murray
Into His Presence: A Prayer Event Women Love with Judy Tripi
Shepherding: The Key to Cultivating Community with Mabel Ninan
Trauma Informed Leadership with Teresa Janzen
Creating a Culture of Vulnerability in Your Women's Group with Regina Bartlett
Pack the House: Attract More Women to Your Events with Robyn Dykstra
How to Not Pour from an Empty Cup with Ammie Bouwman
The Top 5 Strategies to Up Your Leadership Quotient with Dr. Hannah Kolehmainen
Lead like a C.H.A.M.P.I.O.N. with Linette Rainville
Lead with Love: How to Build a Relational Community Virtually with Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith
Leaders Struggle, too: Dare to Believe You Matter with Sue Bowles
5 Ways to Enlarge Your Leadership Capacity with Angela Donadio
Reach Generation Z for Your Team & Events with Leslie Schonfeld
How to Work Yourself Out of a Job with Rhonda Stoppe


After being a Women's Ministry Leader for 20 years, Marnie Swedberg is now a mentor to millions, inviting women to, "Come sit on Daddy's lap." 

Her mission is to encourage you, provide you with practical help and turn your thoughts toward Jesus. 

Minutes with Marnie will fill you with courage, help you clarify your God-given goals, lead to "aha" insights, result in perspective transformation, and literally skyrocket your delight in life.

Learn more about Marnie and tap into her free and paid resources at https://www.Marnie.com

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